We’ll Create It- Custom Art Requests

When you need it, We’ll Create It with our custom art requests!  One of the biggest perks of being a Creative Outlet subscriber is the ability to get a custom-designed piece of artwork for your clients!  We’re here for you, no matter WHAT that client needs!Title

#9 Art Requests

Ad-Builder takes a lot of pride in the fact that we have great illustrators and designers who work in our Peoria office.  Because of this team, we have the ability to offer our clients one custom piece per month to make sure there’s never a reason they don’t get an ad!  From cartoon animals and quirky requests down to material that gets us saying – “Why didn’t we think of THAT?” – Creative Outlet’s Art Request is one of the most popular features for the clients who use this service.

Many times we are able to accommodate a series of illustrations (go ahead, check on the keyword, Donkey).  We LOVE that this client was able to get a larger ad and multiple runs from that advertiser because of Creative Outlet.
Here are a few of the Art Requests that have come in over the last few months.  Some you can see where they were going with the idea, others… not so sure.  Doesn’t matter to us, it’s a great way for our team to stretch their imagination AND work with you!

Is there something that you can’t find?  Get in touch with our support team & we will search for you.  If we can’t find it, then we will walk you through the We’ll Create It process.  Might take a few days, so be sure to leave some time in there… but once we get the request, our art team will be in touch so we can make sure to work on the item in the manner you want (color, cartoon, etc).  From there, the sky’s the limit!  Email us today and we can get you going – support@creativeoutlet.com

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8 Steps to Selling Co-Op Advertising to Local Advertisers | LSA Insider

BundledCurrencyHC1504_M_150_C_RMany local media organizations are either not getting the most out of co-op advertising or completely ignore these funds. Various industry estimates indicate the market is worth nearly $40 billion (or more). Yet between 40% and 50% of co-op funds go unused every year. Read more here:

Source: 8 Steps to Selling Co-Op Advertising to Local Advertisers | LSA Insider

For more information on Co-op and how we can help you increase your revenue, please contact us at sales@recas.com or visit www.recas.com

Take Advantage of Summertime Co-op


Summertime Co-op

With Memorial Day Weekend in the rear view mirror everyone’s thoughts turn to summertime and vacation mode. With co-op advertising, that gives us a raft of new things to focus on and new brands to explore. Think of the things folks do in the summertime and then focus on the brands of products that exist in that area. For example:

Summer Road Trips…lots of tire brands count on those and several have promotions available to help their dealers get the word out. Brands like BF Goodrich, Michelin, Goodyear, and Hankook all have sales promotions going on through the month of June with special offers on replacing your set of tires. Lucrative co-op offerings as well that can pay up to 100% of the ad costs.

Pool Time…while there are a few pool brands that offer co-op to its dealers, the easier co-op to discover lies in the chemicals and products to help keep that pool looking good. Brands like AquaBot, Hayward, and Zodiac with their automatic pool cleaners are a hot topic right now. And don’t forget the pool chemicals with products like Leisure Time and Baquacil that have solid co-op offerings as well.

Bar-B-Que…nothing says summer better than grilling outdoors and most of the grill brands have advertising programs to support their local dealer base. Companies like Broilmaster, Big Green Egg, Dimplex, and Weber have programs to keep your customers top of mind when somebody’s grill needs replacing.

Come the end of June a bunch of seasonal plans will expire and the earned co-op will simply disappear. One of the brands whose co-op plan expires at this time is Weber Grills…take note of that one and get your local dealer to run some Father’s Day promotion before their co-op expires. Other brands of note with expiring co-op in June include Amarr Garage Doors, Aveda Beauty Care, BRP ATVs, Columbia Flooring, Do It Best Paint, Flexsteel Furniture, Honda Outboards, Jayco Rvs, Karastan Carpet, Mohawk Carpet, Nikon Cameras, Oreck Vacuums, Snapper Lawnmowers, Stainmaster Carpet, Toyota Parts & Service, and Vespa Scooters.

It should be a busy month for you. Go sell something.

Tim Brennan, VP of Strategic Development for Recas
Tim Brennan, VP of Strategic Development for Recas

This information is provided by LSA Recas to help take the mystery out of co-op advertising. For more information on how Recas can help expand your brand advertising potential, please visit www.recas.com. Email Tim at tbrennan@recas.com. 

Adult Color Pages Now On Creative Outlet!

Adult Color Pages Now On Creative Outlet!060716_ColoringPagePromo_3



Act right now & make sure that your publication is in on one of the trendiest items around – coloring pages/books for adults!  

According to CNN, researchers and art therapists a
like have touted the calming benefits for over a decade.  Just like meditation, coloring also allows us to switch off our brains from other thoughts and focus only on the moment, helping to alleviatefree-floating anxiety.

Our team at Creative Outlet has been following the trend and listening to your requests, so starting today, we have made these pages available for you to download and offer to YOUR clients.   All work was created by our talented internal team, so you are assured that there’s nothing like this in your marketplace today.

There’s a banner on Creative Outlet, but here’s the  to the search. If you’re not a subscriber, be sure to touch base with us and let us know you’d like more information!  We’re happy to help.



Trending Today

Smiling woman with tattoos


Trending Today is here to help you see what is working for your peers.  We know coming up with ideas for advertising & marketing material can be time-consuming, so why not get a head start on what’s working for others?  Trendy has it’s place!


#8 Trending Today
Every 72 hours, we pull what the top 20 downloads are from Creative Outlet and post it front & center on the main page.  This carousal rotates through the top downloads (we include everything, so you can see editorial, puzzles too!).
Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.28.35 AM




Each image in the carousal is a link over to the search, so take advantage of that time saving tool! Questions?  Find us at support@creativeoutlet.com

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.28.51 AM

Co-op: It’s all about Timing


Co-op:  It’s All About Timing  

In the most basic of scenarios, any co-op ad for a local dealer can be researched, produced, approved, and placed in short order. Pretty much just a matter of days between discovering the opportunity and running with it. On a broader scale, to capture the lion’s share of an earned budget, plan out a far-reaching, multi-media schedule for the brand program, and nail down the best timing on sales opportunity placement, you should look several weeks if not months out.

Retail pre-orders for new product introductions and serious inventory investments often happen several months out with serious negotiations between the retail buyer and the manufacturer sales team. Each is often looking for the optimal sell-through process which will include sale pricing and promotion…and if your plan is in the pipeline for each side to work out the specifics, everyone can benefit from the effort. Planning is part of the overall process and if you have the relationship on each side of the coin with the ability to manage the details, you’ll win.

As we are getting ready for July to hit and  the dog days of summer take hold, most summer plans are already well in motion. Some Back-to-School efforts might still need some tweaking, some Pool and Outdoor programs might still have resources available for a short term push, and the Motorsports are always game for new business promotion, but many efforts are likely already seeded. Now is a good time to revisit many areas in the Home Improvement category and lay some groundwork for late summer and early fall. As with all summers, vacation time plays a factor with everyone and it will be Labor Day before you know it.

Work with your Paint stores on how they see the balance of the year working out. Call on your Door and Window dealers to see what kind of retail and contractor business you might be able to create a plan with. Look at your Heating and Air Conditioning locations for who is light on promotion that you could bring new customer applications. Contact your Flooring stores on what kind of opportunities they’ve been working with and what you could add to the equation.

Each of those categories have brand name products with lucrative co-op resources available to the dealers. Some know the drill and work with the guidelines, but could use ideas in hitting your audience. Other dealers are far too busy to handle all of those co-op details and that’s where you can help the most.

Enjoy your summer, but don’t let it get past you too quickly.

Tim Brennan, VP of Strategic Development for Recas
Tim Brennan, VP of Strategic Development for Recas

This information is provided by LSA Recas to help take the mystery out of co-op advertising. For more information on how Recas can help expand your brand advertising potential, please visit www.recas.com  |  tbrennan@recas.com


Employee Spotlight: Recas Business Development Manager, Phil Harris

Phil Pic 1
Phil Harris

Phil Harris has been working with Recas for 20+ years and counting. Phil work as a business development manager while also regularly doing working on on-going items such as training and webinars. His total work in sales, “in some capacity,” he says, is 25 years. Phil is a dedicated employee who loves working with customers.

A typical day for Phil involves calling on customers and attending to their questions and needs. He’s also involved in co-op training, in any one of the eight different seminars offered from Recas, as well as proactively contacting clients with sales opportunities. Phil is very friendly and welcoming around the office, and is just as pleasant off the job!

Phil_Fiat (1)
Phil in his snazzy red Fiat!

Phil wants his customers to feel like they can always call on him to solve their problems quickly, efficiently and professionally. He loves interacting with customers and providing solutions to any problem that may present itself. What he likes most about working in customer service is the fact that even after 20 years in the field, there is always something new to take on. Phil has enjoyed working with all of the great people he has met along the way.

Outside of work, Phil is a people person who enjoys helping out others and spending time with family and friends. He has two lovely daughters and has coached both of them in volleyball. He has two dogs and swears he is NOT getting any more, but we don’t believe him. He also helps out regularly with the fundraisers for his church and the Family House of Peoria. Some of his favorite pastimes include cooking and entertaining family and friends. He also loves sports—the Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears and Illini, of course—and likes to fish and golf in his free time.

New Family Pic
Phil and his two daughters.
Phil’s dog, George

We are so happy to feature Phil’s story in the spotlight this month. Thanks for your hard work, Phil, and for making so many of our customers smile.

Phil and Daughters
Phil and his daughters


Store Images in “My Library” on Creative Outlet

My Library allows you to store your images on Creative Outlet.  And by your images, we mean both Creative Outlet images AND items you have uploaded for us to store.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 10.56.03 AM#7 My Library

Imagine how much easier your life would be if there was a centralized location, one that you use daily anyway, where you can store and access specific content you need to build your ads.

Now, that location is sharable with your team AND has the ability to have individual folders just for specific events or advertisers.

Would this allow you to plan ahead?  Schedule and review ads for your clients?  Yeah, we thought so too!

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 10.56.55 AM
My Library is one of our favorite features of Creative Outlet.  We share these libraries as a team and we continually use this over the course of the year to save images for our own marketing plans.  From a user’s perspective, I can go here and get the project images in one place (no need to remember what you were looking at when you found THE PIECE, you have it saved).  Yes, there was a need for a pirate-themed marketing campaign & My Library helped eliminate the need to go search again & again!  AND it stays here if I ever need to access the content again (complete with the file names).

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 10.57.41 AM

We especially want to highlight the shared folder for a manager’s view.  You will be able to see and access anything from your team, so there’s never any question on the content. You can upload customer’s logos or personal images and have them stored on our servers.

Within the folder, you have the ability to move, download, add notes, copy or delete.  It’s a strong tool that you have right at your fingertips and it’s FREE with your subscription.Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.06.35 AM

For more information, give us a shout-out at support@creativeoutlet.com


Ideas to increase local advertising!