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LSA offers high-quality 100% custom research that can address consumer behavior, SMBs and enterprises. Findings can also be translated into presentations and thought-leadership reports.

Our research, conducted with partner Thrive Analytics, is comparable to the quality of market leaders but more affordable. That’s because LSA is a not-for-profit organization.

As you consider your research budgets for 2017, let us bid on your project.

Custom Consumer & SMB Surveys
Thought Leadership Reports & Webinars
Go-to-Market Analysis
Competitive Benchmarking/SWOT Analysis
Market & Opportunity Sizing

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Pokemon GO: A Great Marketing Opportunity

Pokemon GO: A Great Marketing Opportunity


Pokemon GO has become immensely popular in its first few weeks, and therefore the app has become a great marketing opportunity for businesses. Be sure to make use of our Pokemon-themed graphics (like this one) on Creative Outlet to target your desired audience!

Here are some ways you can market with the newest craze:

  • Promote your business as a designated Pokestop (if it is one)
  • Offer customers an incentive to set up a “lure” at your business (For example, give customers a discount if they set up a “lure” to attract Pokemon–and customers!)
  • Create Pokemon-themed products (For example, a restaurant might create a special “Squirtle Smoothie”)
  • Notice any rare Pokemon near your business? Let the Pokemon Trainers know so they can come to your building and catch them!
  • Use graphics that use Pokemon to increase audience interaction and interest. Creative Outlet‘s “We’ll Create It” feature allows you to get the perfect, custom-made graphic that you need to promote your business the way you want it.
  • Create interactive competitions between the 3 teams: Valor (Red), Instinct (Yellow), and Mystic (Blue)
  • Get creative! Think of how your business specifically can be beneficial to these Pokemon Trainers

With so many people playing the game, it’s a great marketing tool to use for your business. Create advertisements for all of the future Pokemon Masters!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our sales representatives at

Brand Targeting with Co-Op Advertising

Brand Targeting with Co-Op Advertising

Co-op advertising plans with brand suppliers are an important source of financial aid for local business marketing efforts, but each BusinessPlannerHC0401_X_th_Cplan has different earning schedules that can make co-op a challenge. Every program will have an earning window, which is generally a percentage of wholesale purchases over a set timeframe (an accrual period) to establish the local dealer’s co-op budget. This timeframe will vary from one manufacturer to another and may be based on purchases made in the current year, the previous year, a seasonal or fiscal year, or some variation.

This leads to highs and lows in co-op availability for dealer advertising during the year, especially in the first quarter. With co-op plans based on current year purchases, unless a business has placed significant orders in the first weeks of the year, plan accruals will be near zero. Ordinarily, brands that need heavier activity early in the year will factor that into their dealer co-op arrangements, like most of the Boating category that establish budgets with mid-year start and finish dates. With this structure, all of the boat manufacturers along with the outboard motor suppliers (ie., Mercury Marine, Yamaha, Honda, etc.) will have dealer advertising budgets for the all-important boat show season.

January is an excellent time to target dealers of brands with prior year earning structures. Plans of this type are available to Ace and True Value Hardware franchises, Allstate insurance agents, Benjamin Moore paint stores, Zondervan Bible outlets, and hundreds of other brands. With prior year plans, the manufacturer will usually alert each dealer to the budget they have access to for the full year. This provides an excellent opportunity to establish a long-term media promotional plan for the brand, but the dealers don’t always think that way with so many other products and priorities.

From the media sales side of the equation, it’s important to recognize when these budgets are allocated to target local dealers when their co-op dollars are available. Brand opportunities exist within many local small to mid-sized businesses and with a few questions and some follow-up can help build a solid base of advertising.

Tim Brennan, VP of Strategic Development for Recas
Tim Brennan, VP of Strategic Development for Recas

This information is provided by LSA Recas to help take the mystery out of co-op advertising. For more information on how Recas can help expand your brand advertising potential, please visit Email Tim at 

What do the numbers in our file names mean?

Wondering what those seemingly random numbers and letters mean at the end of Ad-Builder files names on Creative Outlet? They actually help to date the photos and further specify what type of graphic they are.

The numbers refer to the month and year that the graphic was added, while the “H” and “C” stand for high-res 300dpi and color respectively.

Use this information to more easily find the exact graphic you need!


#11 File Name Numbers

This image, for example, has the file name “CalendarAugustHC0710.” The term “CalendarAugust” of course stands for what the graphic is of. The “C” means that the image is in color, as opposed to its black and white counterpart which has the same title without the “C” (CalendarAugustH0710). The “H” in the file name means that the graphic is high-res 300dpi.

Lastly, the “0710” refers to the month and year that the image was uploaded. The “07” means that this image was added in 2007, and the “10” means that it was added in October of that year.

Be sure to keep this in mind the next time you search for an Ad-Builder image on Creative Outlet! Questions?  Feel free to email us at


Co-op is simply localized brand advertising

Businessmen talking in conference room

Co-op is simply localized brand advertising

Co-op advertising arrangements are baked into the local sales process of most every brand name you know. From Allstate Insurance to Zerex Anitfreeze, part of the supplier’s selling process is to build the brand nationally and engage the local seller with support for the same branded advertising at the market level. None of the national branded messaging tells the consumer where to buy the product; that’s left to the channel partner to run in local media, sometimes with the same brand content but now with where and why messaging.

As with all things, some of these co-op plans are simpler than others, but it should never be assumed that the dealer is fully aware of the details and how to use them in their own advertising efforts. With some manufacturer co-op efforts, up to a third of the established budgets for these programs can be left unused…mostly through their small to mid-sized retail partners that don’t have the resources to plan and execute with all of the program detail. With these local merchants, there is a need for assistance with ad design, manufacturer approval of the content, and co-op claim assistance to gather the advertising reimbursement.

Most co-op programs have specific guidelines for most local media products. From newspaper and direct mail to broadcast and online, these programs will have specific content requirements and claiming procedures to reimburse their channel partners for local advertising. The budgets for these programs are generally based on a percentage of wholesale purchases and are left to the local partners discretion on where and how that funding is allocated.

Agencies are stepping into the void of dealer adoption to simplify the co-op process. They offer opt-in solutions with various media types and an emphasis on digital to engage the dealer channel and perform all of the media buying functions on a regional/national scale. This, of course, will largely take local media options and individual dealer versioning off the table.

Take a look around your market area and note the local merchants with brand name signage in their locations. Paint stores with Benjamin Moore, Pittsburgh Paints…Insurance agents with State Farm, Nationwide…Oil Change Shops with Quaker State, Castrol…Flooring Stores with Mohawk, Karastan…Motorsports locations with Yamaha, Honda…not to mention all of your Auto Dealers.

All of these locations have some level of advertising support from their manufacturer partners. Some of them are better at utilizing these resources than others, but it is the rare media sales executive that will go the extra mile and offer some level of assistance here. That, in and of itself, could make all the difference in your sales efforts…since co-op can foot a sizable portion of the bill.

Tim Brennan, VP of Strategic Development for Recas
Tim Brennan, VP of Strategic Development for Recas

This information is provided by LSA Recas to help take the mystery out of co-op advertising. For more information on how Recas can help expand your brand advertising potential, please visit Email Tim at 

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What can we do to make your life easier?

facebook_recasI think it’s no secret by now that the LSA acquisition of Recas (and Creative Outlet) has been a great way to improve the co-op tools available to media companies. Our database is stronger and our team is bigger & better -all to serve you.  But what else can we do to make your life easier & bring you more money in co-op? The LSA consulting services is one way.



  • Custom Consumer & SMB Surveys
  • Thought Leadership
  • Reports & Webinars
  • Go-to-Market Analysis
  • Strategy & Tactical Consulting
  • Competitive Benchmarking/SWOT Analysis
  • Product/Prototype Feedback
  • Partnership Identification
  • Market & Opportunity Sizing
  • On-Site Customer Meetings/Presentation

Ok Tim, that sounds great.  But why you?  Well, many reasons now that you ask.


  • Industry leading experience and research expertise
  • Consumer and SMB surveys for less
  • Independent organization with reputation for objectivity
  • Reach and visibility among decision makers
  • You get to work with seasoned co-op pros like Val, Holly, Phil, Ryan, Vicky and Sara and well, me.

Touch base with me and we will get you a custom-designed consulting service specific to YOUR media, YOUR market and YOUR local customers.  What are you waiting for?

Tim Brennan – or call me at 309-678-8745.

Tim Brennan, VP of Strategic Development for Recas
Tim Brennan, VP of Strategic Development for Recas

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