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Changes to Co-Op Programs

Changes to Co-Op Programs

As co-op programs shift into a new year of availability to dealers, there is an expiration of their previous year’s allotment and a reboot to the dealer’s new allocation. Of course every manufacturer is different on how and when those co-op budgets are earned and applied, but generally the beg inning of the year is the reset button. When that happens (in the best case scenario), local dealers and their manufacturer partners are supposed to huddle up on the new year opportunities and work out some planning. Outside the larger accounts and more proactive brand managers, this happens pretty rarely.

Most co-op programs roll from year to year with very little adjustment. There may be a media type added under the program (mostly online these days) or one subtracted, but mostly the budget structure and participation remain constant from year to year. Of course with any program or agency relation, there are scheduled reviews and adjustments, but since you’re dealing with, in most cases, hundreds of local retail partners of all sizes and dozens of sales territories and distributors, changing a co-op program is a pretty big deal. And when it does happen, plenty of notice is required from the legal types.

So generally what this boils down to is a brand marketing program for dealers that doesn’t change very often, doesn’t get communicated very well through the sales channel, and doesn’t really highlight the budgets available to the local dealer. It’s kind of the perfect storm of marketing dysfunction but changing it has pretty deep ramifications.

Where you can help as an ambitious media sales person is simply to offer assistance in exploring these programs for the dealer. Sometimes it’s as easy as accessing a database of co-op plans like Recas to show what it is and who to call. Sometimes it’s a deeper dive in reaching out to the manufacturer sales rep to ask about how she can help your dealer promote their stuff. And then there’s the ad creation and documentation components that make sure the dealer is presenting properly and then claiming their reimbursement.

This month a good category of business to nail down on the co-op front would be Appliance stores. Nearly every brand in the Appliance arena has some form of advertising support for its dealer base with some being quite lucrative. More often than not President’s Day is a big advertising opportunity in this area and coincidentally, one of the major brands in the category just altered their co-op program.

Changes like that are always good opportunities to talk about co-op assistance with your local dealers…and as I used to tell my staff, simply engage the local business owner by saying “co-op” and shut up. You’ll learn a lot.

Tim Brennan, VP of Strategic Development for Recas
Tim Brennan, VP of Strategic Development for Recas

This information is provided by LSA Recas to help take the mystery out of co-op advertising. For more information on how Recas can help expand your brand advertising potential, please visit www.recas.com. Email Tim at tbrennan@recas.com. 

LSA Partner Perks Program

LSA Partner Perks Seeks to Drive
Strategic Partnerships


Are you an LSA member that offers white-labeled services or have capacities that could benefit other LSA members? Would you be willing to extend discounts, at your discretion, to these members? If so, you can communicate these special offers via the LSA Partner Perks initiative.

LSA Partner Perks compiles discounts and promotions from members and communicates them to other LSA members. Once we have enough offers, we will publish them here. In addition, we will periodically highlight a collection of these promos in a dedicated email blast.



Ad Packages

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AdBuilder has lots of amazing products on Creative Outlet that many people are unaware of. Ad packages are one of these widely unknown products.

Using an ad package as opposed to only creating one ad can be incredibly beneficial for a company or organization. They help to create a single message that audiences will be able to easily associate to your

#13 Why Ad Packages Are Helpful

Creating a cohesive message and having a consistent theme is important when developing a series of ads. Readers will have a much easier time understanding what is being advertised, and they’ll be able to retain the information more easily. Repetition is key!

Ad packages consist of two print ads and one online ad. These allow for organizations to promote their business in a variety of mediums. Readers will then be able to have an easier time recognizing the source of the ad. They may see an online ad and see a similar ad in a magazine later on. The recognition helps them to retain the advertisement’s information.

Ad packages bring consistency to advertising. One message is easier to understand than three or four. Check them out on Creative

Questions on ad packages? Contact us at support@creativeoutlet.com for help.

Why Co-op Has Eroded In Your Market

Why Co-op Has Eroded In Your Market

Despite the fact that over 99% of co-op programs are authorized for newspapers, their usage in the medium has been declining for years. Obviously some of that revenue has pushed over to the digital side and newspaper companies may be capturing some of that, but overall the attitude from the top of many news media operations is that co-op is so 1990.

Yeah, 1990 when the money was rolling in.

Since then there has been an explosion in media options for local businesses, while churn on the local sales side of many newspapers has eroded the relationships and trust earned from those business partners. Co-op programs have evolved to include most of these new media options and their usage has been left to the discretion of the local dealer. Those dealers are slammed with a multitude of local media opportunities on a regular basis and their business is earned by those that demonstrate value along with expected results…the ability to speak the language of co-op and manage the process is a bonus.

TitleLocal businesses that have survived the latest economic repression are as cut to the bone as the rest of us. Their sole goal in advertising is to make the cash register ring while not having to think too much about the process. Their co-op budgets have dwindled with their purchase volume and various turn-key programs the manufacturer has put in place to enhance their display, both in their physical store and their virtual storefront. The funds leftover get used (or not) to drive traffic to the store for specific brand promotions, generally not for the co-branding efforts the manufacturer might prefer.

Your brand dealers all have access to some form of dealer portal or asset management site with the brand that has material for them to customize for local promotion. The disconnect is that they are generally not ad designers. They are not media planners. They are not advertising strategists. They need direction, they need support, and they need to know what your audience means to them and how you can help them. They sometimes carry multiple brands with multiple co-op programs to manage. Unlocking the detail to those programs takes trust, and just how might you earn that?

Any market will have a wealth of opportunity with local dealers of major brands. Appliance stores with Frigidaire, General Electric, Whirlpool…Building Supply stores with Andersen Windows, Larson Doors, Owens Corning Insulation…Flooring stores with Karastan, Tarkett, or Mannington…not to mention Motorsports operations, Auto Service locations, Jewelry shops, Heating contractors, Boat dealers, Insurance agents, Hardware stores, etc.

All it takes is an interest in their business, the devotion to help them manage the details, and the ability to deliver customers from the investment in your audience.

The reason co-op has eroded in your market is that you’ve let it. As you see brand name products displayed or featured with your area merchants, simply ask about it. Their answers may surprise you. You could likely find an opportunity to step up your business and really discover what co-op advertising is all about. Hint: it’s advertising.

Tim Brennan, VP of Strategic Development for Recas
Tim Brennan, VP of Strategic Development for Recas

This information is provided by LSA Recas to help take the mystery out of co-op advertising. For more information on how Recas can help expand your brand advertising potential, please visit www.recas.com. Email Tim at tbrennan@recas.com. 

Employee Spotlight: Marketing Intern, Jenna Niedzwiedz

Marketing Intern Jenna Niedzwiedz

Jenna Niedzwiedz is a junior at Bradley University. She is pursuing a degree in public relations as well as a minor in marketing. Jenna is one of our marketing interns and has been working with us since March.

Jenna and her dog, Maverick

Gaining experience in leadership and service is something very important to Jenna. She has been an exec board member of the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega (APO) since fall of 2015. She joined in the first weeks of her freshman year to get more involved with the Peoria community and volunteering. She liked that it allows her to be a participating member of Peoria, and not just Bradley.

Jenna also likes to spend time with her parents, two younger sisters, and Klee Kai puppy named Maverick. She and her family like to spend time outdoors: particularly kayaking and hiking.

Jenna with her ecocentrism portfolio

When she isn’t busy with work or school, Jenna creates art. Her favorite mediums to use are watercolors with ink and colored pencils. One of her proudest works is a twelve piece collection on pollution and ecocentrism, something that she is very passionate about. The inspiration for the work was brought on by the multiple distopian movies that were being released at the time. She was excited to create several different pieces that would all convey one idea. Jenna says that pursuing art has helped her to learn about taking and giving criticism respectfully as well as tweak her creativity to reach a specific audience: two traits that she has found transfer very well into the real world.

Thanks for joining our team, Jenna! We’re excited to have you.

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How Can You Simplify the Co-Op Process

How Can You Simplify the Co-Op Process?

Nearly all manufacturer co-op programs have availability for newspaper promotion for their local dealer base. Sadly the numbers on usage in newspapers with these programs has been dwindling (some would say plummeting) for years. Why? Well, there’s a lot of reasons but for the most part the answer is that newspapers are generally not good at making it easy.

Broadcast operations in a lot of cases have a standard process for co-op ads that will automatically generate the notarized affidavits necessary for claim submission and reimbursement. You’ve seen obvious dealer programs with magazines, billboards, direct mail, and increasingly online. Many other media have developed solutions to help local businesses place this advertising simply with all of the necessary support. Services like this with many newspapers is cumbersome.

Oftentimes the creative is teed up for the local dealer but they don’t pull the trigger because they think it’s complicated. They may have ample co-op funding but some don’t have the bandwidth for the details. Those that are successful with co-op connect all the dots for the dealer with the program.

In May there are plenty of brands and programs in motion and the co-op dollars follow the inventory to be sold.

  • Lawn care…to green up the yard. Scott’s, Jonathan Green, and Easy Gardener products.
  • Paint…to touch up the house and the deck. Benjamin Moore, Clark & Kensington (Ace), and California Paints.
  • Auto aftermarket…to prepare for those summer road trips. Michelin, Cooper, and Toyo Tires.
  • Auto service…for some late Spring car care. How about Pennzoil, Quaker State, and Valvoline motor oils?
  • Pool products…to start opening up the pool. Bio-Lab, Lonza, and Zodiac.

If you can make a sensible ad program covering all of the details for your local brand dealer, you’ll find a number of opportunities in every market large and small.

Tim Brennan, VP of Strategic Development for Recas
Tim Brennan, VP of Strategic Development for Recas

This information is provided by LSA Recas to help take the mystery out of co-op advertising. For more information on how Recas can help expand your brand advertising potential, please visit www.recas.com. Email Tim at tbrennan@recas.com. 

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