Twitter & Facebook Page Changes

LinkedIn isn’t the only social media website making changes that will affect businesses. Both Facebook and Twitter are in the process of rolling out new changes to the design of their pages.


Facebook is keeping their two column theme, but is instead pushing all of your pages updates into one column, similar to what they’ve used in the past. This change helps ensure that your posts appear consistent between the page and a user’s News Feed.

Currently, posts and images may appear at different sizes depending on where they are on the site. Pushing all of the page’s updates into one column helps lessen confusion on the updates. The current design has posts jumping back and forth, overlapping between two columns. The new design lessens the clutter around each post. In the left column, your page’s number of likes, a map of your location, your business hours, photos, videos, and contact information will be more easily visible. Currently, some of this information is clumped together horizontally at the top of the page, while some of it is only visible on other tabs of your page. The removal of the horizontal bar gets viewers into your content faster. Having the information in the left column allows for spacing the information out better, and is easily viewed by the user. Read Facebook’s Official Post View Creative Outlet’s Facebook Page

Facebook's New Design


Twitter is changing their design to what some would consider is similar to Facebook. There is new functionality too, but let’s point out the immediate design changes. In 2012, Twitter allowed users to upload cover photos, similar to Facebook. But the dimensions for this were limited, and a user’s profile picture and bio were overlayed on top of the picture.

This wasn’t useful for marketers because they couldn’t easily display information or promotions on it. With Twitter’s new design however, the cover photo now takes up 100% of the screen’s width, and its height can adjust as the image scales. There is no clutter on top of the image and it is very visible at the top of profiles. It’s now perfect for marketers to make use of!

However, unlike Facebook, Twitter is moving away from their two-column design and into a three-column design. The left column is used to showcase the user’s bio, website information, photos and videos. The right column will contain Twitter’s suggested followers and trends. As the screen size gets smaller, the right column will collapse and join the left column. In the middle remains Twitter’s signature feed. However, there will be a few functionality adjustments. On a profile, users will be able to pin one of their tweets to the top. This can be used to promote important and timely tweets, or even can be used as an extended bio. Your most engaging tweets will appear slightly larger, which will help gain the attention of users viewing your page. When viewing another user’s profile, you will also be able to filter the content shown on their timeline, including Tweets, Tweets with photos/videos, or Tweets and replies. Read Twitter’s Official Post View Creative Outlet’s Twitter Account

Twitter's New Design

Having Trouble Downloading Images With a Subscription?

If at any point when browsing through images you are prompted to purchase an image when you have a subscription to Creative Outlet, you can follow these simple steps to fix this problem.

1. Image #1 below shows what you will see if you select an image to download and prices pop up next to it. If you are logged in to your account, you will not see this. Image #2 shows what you will see if you are logged in to your account. If you see image #2, you can download your image by clicking the downward pointing arrow.

Image #1-










Image #2-

Screenshot 2014-04-21 13.18.31

















2. If you see image #1 and you are not logged in to your account, exit out of the window and go back to the Creative Outlet home page. You may notice that on the left side of the page, there is a green arrow that prompts you to log in by clicking on the “Existing Users” text.











3. Click “Existing Users” and log in with your username and password.
















4. Now that you are logged in, you can search images without being prompted to pay per piece.












If this problem persists even after you are logged in, email Creative Support at or call 1-800-245-9278.

COlogin2 COlogin2 COlogin2

Get Moving This May with Fitness Targeted Ads!

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month as well as National Bike Month and there isn’t a better time to celebrate than with warm weather, sunshine and hot deals on everything fitness.

Target local bike shops, gyms and fitness centers. Consider writing an article about the importance of exercise, eating healthy or the benefits of bicycle commuting and offer ad space to local businesses on the page.

Encourage Sales Promotions


Encourage a sales promotion with local gyms and fitness centers and clubs for the month of May. Cutting enrollment fees, offering the month of May for free for non-members, and offering coupons is a great way to celebrate National Fitness Month. Local bike shops and sporting goods stores can also offer discounts as well.

Races, Marathons, and Triathlons

CoupleBikesHC1309_S_72_C_RThink about writing an inspiring feature story about a local resident who has won a race, marathon, or triathlon to support the hard-working individuals in your community. Ads for upcoming races and racing gear could be featured by the story.

Fitness/Health Fairs

Suggest a special celebration with a variety of local businesses such as the local medical centers, heart association, educational institutions, sporting goods stores or clubs. It could be conducted at local malls and shopping centers, parks or recreation centers. Branded items could also be given away at the event for further advertising. 

Spread the Word!

Join the conversation and share ideas about how small businesses can work with newspapers on our Google+Facebook and Twitter pages!

Find great fitness, sports,  and bicycle images on Creative Outlet!

Eye-Catching Newspaper Ads

Who says you can’t utilize a newspaper’s layout and articles to execute your ad? Creating a newspaper ad that creates optical illusions with a newspaper’s layout and text from articles can be seriously eye-catching and entertaining. This is a fun and clever way to advertise that stands out from other ads. Here are some examples of innovative ads that use imitation newspaper pages in their design:



Image via AdWeek


This is for an ad for the popular HBO show, Game of Thrones. The dragon hovers over two pages of imitation news stories in the New York  Times with the information about the program underneath the shadow. This idea could be used for anything that flies and/or casts a shadow.






Image via AdWeek


Daydreaming of renovating your kitchen? This clever 3D ad for Corona Kitchen shows a kitchen popping out of the newspaper text in the classifieds section. This certainly stands out amid the flat composition of the rest of the page. This is a good example of how you don’t need a lot of color or images to make your ad stand out to readers.






Image via Ads of the World


This ad for a Stihl grass trimmer makes a clean cut path through the text which implies the precision of the power tool. The article itself is about homeowners looking for better outdoor power tools. Using implication by arranging the text in a certain is a great way to advertise what your product or service can do.


June Targeting List


14 Flag Day
15 Father’s Day

Day Events
1 National Cancer Survivors Day
4 International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
5 World Environment Day
6 National Donut Day
7 National Trails Day
8 Children’s Day
12 National Jerky Day
12 National Nursing Assistants Day
13 Friday the Thirteenth
14 Family History Day
14 World Blood Donor Day
15 Native American Citizenship Day
15 Nature Photograph Day
18 International Sushi Day
20 National Productivity Day
20 Take Your Dog to Work Day
21 Go Skateboarding Day
21 National Daylight Appreciation Day
21 First Day of Summer
21 World Music Day
23 Baby Boomers Recognition Day
23 Public Service Day
26 National Handshake Day
27 Decide to be Married Day
29 America’s Kids Day

Weekly Celebrations
1-7 National Business Etiquette Week
7-14 International Clothesline Week
8-14 National Flag Week
11-14 NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Outdoor Track & Field
12-13 FIFA World Cup Brazil
12-15 US Open (Golf) Championship
12-19 National Nursing Assistants Week
16-22 Meet A Mate Week
19-22 US Women’s Open Championship


Children’s Awareness Month
Effective Communications Month
Gay & Lesbian Pride Month
International Men’s Month
National Bathroom Reading Month
National Candy Month
National Iced Tea Month
National Rivers Month
National Safety Month
National Soul Food Month
Professional Wellness Month
Rebuild Your Life Month
Sports America Kids Month

LinkedIn Feature Changes


linkedin_iconLinkedIn, the professional and business oriented social media platform, is in the process of changing some of their website’s features. In February, LinkedIn reported that they began rolling out access to its publishing tool, named Influencer, to all users.

Influencer is essentially adding blog functionality to LinkedIn. Previously, this feature was only available to a limited number of high-profile users, like Richard Branson, Martha Stewart and Bill Gates.

Influencer posts are a part of the user’s or business’s profile, but allows for a separate group of followers that are outside of your network. Users with this functionality will see an edit icon in their “Share a status update” box on the LinkedIn homepage.

At this time, the functionality is still rolling out to all users. LinkedIn is allowing for users to apply to receive this feature sooner.

Removal of Products & Services Tab

On April 14, LinkedIn is removing their Products & Services tab. The Products & Services tab allowed for a page to have a section at the top describing what they have to offer, followed by a list of their different products/services which were accompanied by an image and description.

LinkedIn’s suggested alternatives to the defunct tab include Showcase Pages and Company Updates. Company updates are simply posts sent out by your company page and will appear on the timelines of the page’s followers. Showcase pages can be considered sub-pages to the main company page. They are connected to the company page, but can gather their own followers. Showcase Pages can create their own status updates that will only be shared with its own followers, rather than the entire company page’s followers.