Best Practice No. 1: Make Co-op an Integrated Part of the Sales Process

Best Practice No. 1: Make Co-op an Integrated Part of the Sales Process

“The hardest thing to get done within sales organizations that use co-op is making sure the search for co-op, the processing, the facilitation and so on is part of the actual sales process,” said the RAB’s Hall. “Too often salespeople will have some co-op, will go in and get the sale, but when the co-op is gone, so is the client. Others will do a needs analysis and never mention co-op.”

TitleHall believes co-op performance would improve if sales organizations baked co-op into all of their sales processes, for example by making sure a co-op search is a routine part of their sales prospecting and sales prep activity.

“Find out what brands are available (for a prospect), or which brands will the client respond to, for example those offering 100% participation. Do that research as part of the needs analysis,” Hall said. “If you make it part of the process it pays off well and it doesn’t seem like a lot of work because it comes a part of the work flow.”

Gatehouse Media’s Sigler agrees. “In training and roll-out, reinforce the idea that co-op can supplement a current ad buy,” Sigler said.

Sales people have so many products or initiatives to sell at any given time. Sigler’s point is if co-op is “integrated into everyday conversations, it can help with existing sales. It is not something else the rep has to go do.”

iconThis article was written by Charles Laughlin of the Local Search Association in Breaking Through the Co-op Clutter: Best Practices for Improved Co-op Advertising Sales. For more information on how Recas can help expand your brand advertising potential, please visit

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