Best Practice No. 10: Arm Your Reps with Research

Best Practice No. 10: Arm Your Reps with Research

Have your local champion do the research for your sales reps up front for targeted accounts. If the prospect is Bob’s Hardware Store, the local champion (or a corporate level co-op subject matter expert) will go to the store’s site and investigate what brands they carry, and research which offer co-op, what the current promotions are and so on. Then the rep can at least take that into the sales call and say, “I see these five companies you were with are offering co-op plans today and I have the details of those plans etc.” This research boost for reps elevates the conversation they have with the prospect to something more than just, “Hey I know you have co-op available.”


Organizations that rely on reps to take the initiative to do this research will have inconsistent results. Supporting all reps with co-op prep will produce more consistent and better conversations about co-op on sales calls.

iconThis article was written by Charles Laughlin of the Local Search Association in Breaking Through the Co-op Clutter: Best Practices for Improved Co-op Advertising Sales. For more information on how Recas can help expand your brand advertising potential, please visit

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