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LSA acquires Ad-Builder (Recas, Creative Outlet)


Dear Valued Client,

I wanted to reach out personally to let you know of some exciting news. Today we announced that Ad-Builder (Recas, Creative Outlet, etc.) was acquired by Local Search Association (LSA), a not-for-profit industry association that represents the local and location-based marketing industry.

LSA released some of the details and motivations behind the deal in a press release, but I am sure you are wondering how this impacts your relationship with Ad-Builder, Recas and/or Creative Outlet. To put it simply, you will continue to have access to the products and services you utilize today, but will also have access to discounts and resources offered by LSA.

LSA is a membership-based organization, with about 300 members in nearly 20 countries. Members include big names like Google, YP, Yelp, MapQuest, Bing and many others. In addition, LSA offers membership packages for small/regional publishers and agencies (like many of you) and here is how LSA helps them:

  • Intelligence: Extensive list of media performance, SMB and consumer research, reports, tools, data and training.
  • Exposure: Get your company in front of an audience of local marketing/media experts and/or an audience of small businesses via LSA’s various communication channels.
  • Networking & Events: Learn, network and grow with decision makers at major internet companies via events, webinars, introductions, etc.

LSA offers a long list of benefits that can help you and your business learn and grow. In addition, if you would like to learn more about the company, check out its Company Overview deck.

We are excited for this new opportunity to have a partner that is as passionate about local advertising as we are and know that this new combined venture will help you reach and sell more to your local merchants.  As we move forward we will provide more details around how you can take advantage of LSA’s offerings by becoming an LSA member. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your account manager or contact me directly.

Thank you for your business.  –  JILL




Jill Addy Wright

President Ad-Builder

‘Purple Reign’: Front pages mourn the death of Prince

As the world mourns the music legend, we thought this was a great visual tribute by our industry.  Here are a few examples, but check out the Poynter article to see the full story. 


Newspapers offered front-page tributes to Prince on Friday. Here’s the front from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the artist’s hometown newspaper:   As with the recent death of David…

Source: ‘Purple Reign’: Front pages mourn the death of Prince – Poynter

Get over 16,000 Ads with Holiday Greetings


Get GREEN this holiday season. With money.

Appeal to a wide variety of businesses by arming yourself with Creative Outlet’s Holiday Greetings package. You’ll be equipped with over 16,000 holiday ads specific to their industry. And better yet, have EVEN MORE retailer-specific ads than last year, which is just what you need to bring in the big bucks in advertising revenue. Holiday Greetings is jam-packed with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa and New Year’s content to make selling ads this year easy. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • 60+ Holiday Greetings Ads
  • 70+ Retailer-specific Ads
  • Signature Ads
  • Headings
  • Tab Covers
  • Recipes
  • Puzzles
  • Songbook Covers
  • Holiday Coloring Book

Get the Holiday Greetings package here!


OhBabyAdC14HG SeasonsGreetingsAd2C14HG StarryBrightAdC14HG

Get Creative Outlet iPad App FREE!


Creative Outlet recently launched an iPad® app that is free to both subscribers and non-subscribers. The new app will make it easier and more convenient for sales representatives and designers who are on the go to search, store and share art content.

Creative Outlet’s “My Library” feature, a quick-syncing and convenient way to store and share content, is even more handy for creative teams needing to share content more quickly when they are offsite with clients. For example, a sales representative can quickly share content that a client likes with one or more designers who are in the office.

“We understand that in today’s workplace, most employees are not tied directly to their computers, so we created a tool that can be used by the entire team at any time,” said Jill Addy-Wright, senior vice president at MultiAd.  “The iPad app allows sales representatives to work directly with clients and their production team to increase efficiency, productivity and sales.”

The app allows users to share notes in “My Library” so that everyone in a group or a company can view and make comments. Users can also upload and share photos within the app. Users who operate on iOS 7 or higher will have the ability to instantly share images, illustrations and spec ads with others using iMessage®, Mail, Twitter or Facebook.

While the iPad app is the first app that Creative Outlet has debuted, work is underway to get the product delivered to more channels, with the iPhone® next on the radar.

Download the iPad app in App Store by searching for “Creative Outlet” or simply click the link below:





Twitter & Facebook Page Changes

LinkedIn isn’t the only social media website making changes that will affect businesses. Both Facebook and Twitter are in the process of rolling out new changes to the design of their pages.


Facebook is keeping their two column theme, but is instead pushing all of your pages updates into one column, similar to what they’ve used in the past. This change helps ensure that your posts appear consistent between the page and a user’s News Feed.

Currently, posts and images may appear at different sizes depending on where they are on the site. Pushing all of the page’s updates into one column helps lessen confusion on the updates. The current design has posts jumping back and forth, overlapping between two columns. The new design lessens the clutter around each post. In the left column, your page’s number of likes, a map of your location, your business hours, photos, videos, and contact information will be more easily visible. Currently, some of this information is clumped together horizontally at the top of the page, while some of it is only visible on other tabs of your page. The removal of the horizontal bar gets viewers into your content faster. Having the information in the left column allows for spacing the information out better, and is easily viewed by the user. Read Facebook’s Official Post View Creative Outlet’s Facebook Page

Facebook's New Design


Twitter is changing their design to what some would consider is similar to Facebook. There is new functionality too, but let’s point out the immediate design changes. In 2012, Twitter allowed users to upload cover photos, similar to Facebook. But the dimensions for this were limited, and a user’s profile picture and bio were overlayed on top of the picture.

This wasn’t useful for marketers because they couldn’t easily display information or promotions on it. With Twitter’s new design however, the cover photo now takes up 100% of the screen’s width, and its height can adjust as the image scales. There is no clutter on top of the image and it is very visible at the top of profiles. It’s now perfect for marketers to make use of!

However, unlike Facebook, Twitter is moving away from their two-column design and into a three-column design. The left column is used to showcase the user’s bio, website information, photos and videos. The right column will contain Twitter’s suggested followers and trends. As the screen size gets smaller, the right column will collapse and join the left column. In the middle remains Twitter’s signature feed. However, there will be a few functionality adjustments. On a profile, users will be able to pin one of their tweets to the top. This can be used to promote important and timely tweets, or even can be used as an extended bio. Your most engaging tweets will appear slightly larger, which will help gain the attention of users viewing your page. When viewing another user’s profile, you will also be able to filter the content shown on their timeline, including Tweets, Tweets with photos/videos, or Tweets and replies. Read Twitter’s Official Post View Creative Outlet’s Twitter Account

Twitter's New Design

Hope to see you at the Mega-Conference!

We hope to see you in Vegas next week for the Mega-Conference, Monday to Wednesday, February 24-26! Stop by our booth, #61, and say hi to our super cool hosts – Brian Dickerson and Tim Brennan. They are so cool in fact, that they’ll enter you in a drawing to win a $50 poker chip. All you have to do is flash them your smile and you’re in!

Join the conversation on social media using #2014MegaConf.



Free Speech Week

Free Speech Week is October 21st-27th this year.

free speech

The goal of Free Speech Week is to raise awareness and celebrate the importance
of free speech and a free press in the United States.

There are a variety of free downloadable materials advertising Free Speech Week available to be run in publications. The ads can even be edited to include an organizations logo. By running an ad, you will be joining many groups in support of this worthwhile program. For more information about Free Speech Week or to download materials, please visit or

The partners this year include:  the Abrams Institute for Freedom of Expression at Yale Law School, the Society of Professional Journalists, the National Communication Association, the Rutgers School of Communication and Information, the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, along with many others.

freddom pic

Photos courtesy of the Newspaper Association of America and

National Newspaper Week

National Newspaper Week is October 6th-12th and this year the theme is “Your Community, Your Newspaper, Your Life.”

In honor of the week’s 73rd anniversary, Creative Outlet will be giving a 25% discount to companies that sign a new contract between now and and October 11th!

National Newspaper Week was made to emphasize the importance of newspapers in large and small communities. Encourage people to explore and celebrate newspapers! The Tennessee Press Association, who is heading the campaign this year, has editorials, editorial cartoons, promotion ads, and more to download free of charge to newspapers. This special week is put on by the Newspaper Association Managers. NAM is a competent organization with members who are executives of state, regional, national and international newspaper associations located in the United States and Canada. The organization, which was once called the National Association of State Press Field Managers, addresses challenges and opportunities specifically in the newspaper industry. NAM has sponsored and supported National Newspaper Week since 1940. This year, the organization has added state-specific promotional advertisements as tools for newspapers to use to promote this historic week.

nnw 1


nnw 2

Photos courtesy of the National Newspaper Week website.