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Top 5 Best – Free Fonts for Creative Headlines

New fonts are always fun and sometimes helpful in sparking creative thoughts. The other good thing about these 5 I have hand picked for you is that they are also free font downloads, and in some cases free to use commercially. Double win. Enjoy and be on the lookout for the next top 5 post!

The first font up is Ostrich Sans by Tyler Finck (awesome portfolio website by the way, check it out He created this font for The League of Moveable Type. The free download comes with a bunch of styles and weights for your designing pleasure.

Free ostrich sans font download

DOWNLOAD Ostrich Sans type face for free.


Benthem is a font designed by Keith Hayden (follow Keith on twitter @KeithMHayden). Comes in bold and regular. Great design for headlines.

Benthem Free font download

sample B from Benthem custom font

DOWNLOAD Benthem Type Face for free.


Simple font design from Ben Suarez named after his extraordinarily cool grandfather, Vincent. Note from the author (via Intended to be used as a title font. Named after my grandfather who drove a 76′ Chrysler Cordoba and smoked out of an old wooden pipe. He was rad. I made this guy in 24 hours on a super limited type program so my apologies for the kerning issues. I’d love to see how you guys use it so please keep me posted!

Vincent free type face for download

DOWNLOAD Vincent Type Face for free.


Next up is Manteka. A very bold and clean font designed by Eduardo Araya that has grown quite popular. The post for the download on behance boasts over 40k downloads already.

Manteka free type download

DOWNLOAD Manteka Type Face for free.


Last but not least for this round is Rex from Font Fabric. Amazing for headlines with three weights included. The inline weight is particularly cool.

download rex font for free

DOWNLOAD Rex Type Face for free.