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Email Subject Lines Can Make or Break Your Campaign


Today, it is very likely that your target audience receives hundreds of emails during the work week.  This could be either advantageous or disastrous, depending on one tiny but important detail – your email subject line.

Email marketing campaigns can only be successful if the intended audience actually opens it. Subject lines are key in the decision of whether or not to open an email. Without an exciting headline, readers can send it straight to their trash bin without any consideration, or skim over it entirely.

Customers receive hundreds of emails per day, so it is necessary to attract your readers with a snazzy subject line. Here are a few tips from The Ecommerce Authority on how to spice up your subject lines, before your campaign gets put into the category of ‘junk mail’.

-Preview the body of the email- give a straightforward, simple description of what the body of the email is about.

-Use a calm tone – sounding too enthusiastic gives the email a ‘spam’ feeling and it will group your email with other sales emails, leaving readers reluctant to open your email.

-Accommodate your email depending on your purpose – If you’re promoting a sale, let readers know exactly what the sale is for, not just that you’re hosting a sale. If it’s a newsletter or update, give a summary of what they’ll find when they open the email.

-Put yourself in your audience’s shoes – Would you open an email with your subject line?  If not, come up with something new.

-Keep it sweet & short – Ideally, subject lines should be between 35-50 characters for maximum efficiency. Anything longer might be cut off by the readers email service.

Commonly Misused Words to Watch For


It’s been a long time since most of us studied grammar and vocabulary. When words are commonly misused or misspelled in society it’s easy for us to get confused too. Here’s a list of some words that are easy to mix up and thus can make our advertising and marketing materials less effective. If you aren’t 100% sure you know the correct way and time to use them, look it up or consider that your audience might not know either and choose a different word.

* Accept and except
* Adverse and averse
* Affect and effect
* Afterward (no “s”)
* Aisle and Isle
* A lot (two words)
* Alternately and alternatively
* Assure, ensure and insure
* Bisect and dissect
* Cite, site and sight
* Complement and compliment
* Desert and dessert
* Disinterested and uninterested
* Dragged and drug
* E.g. and i.e.
* Eminent, imminent and immanent
* Ensure and insure
* Farther and further
* Fewer and less
* Hangar and hanger
* Have and of
* Hoard and horde
* Inherent and inherit
* Irregardless (it isn’t actually a proper word)
* It’s and its
* Lay and lie
* Levee and levy
* Loathe and loath
* Loose and lose
* Me, myself and I
* Passed and past
* Premier and premiere
* Principle and principal
* Prodigy and progeny
* Regimen and regiment
* Reign and rein
* Sit and set
* Than and then
* They, their, they’re and there
* To and Too
* Warranty and warrantee
* Who’s and whose
* You’re and your

Is your design full of C.R.A.P.?

Don’t be mistaken. In the design world, C.R.A.P is a pretty well-known acronym for four very basic, yet highly important guidelines in graphic design: Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity. These four principals can help you simplify, improve and control your design for a more pleasing aesthetic for your viewer.


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Top 5 Best – Free Info Graphic Design Elements

Info Graphics (or visual explanations of data) are all the rave these days. Recently I had the pleasure of getting involved with a bit of info graphic design for Kwikee. Since this was my first heavy duty attempt at designing some powerful infographics I took to the google to find some helping hands. Here is the top 5 free info graphic design packs I found.

Oh and if you’re interested here is the info graphic I created for Kwikee!

And now to the free goodies. I tried to get a mix of the ones that are useful for a number of installations as well as those that are more unique and fun.

Download: Vector Infographic Kit from

Free Infographic design elements


Download: Info Graphic Design Elements Vector from

vector info design pack


Download: Retro Graphics Set from


Download: Elements of food infographics vector from

free food infographic vector elements


Download: How to Make Beer – Vector Infographics from

how to make infographic design toolkit

If you’re in the need for more inspiration, here is a blog I found that is dedicated to cool infographic design.

Top 5 Best – Free Fonts for Creative Headlines

New fonts are always fun and sometimes helpful in sparking creative thoughts. The other good thing about these 5 I have hand picked for you is that they are also free font downloads, and in some cases free to use commercially. Double win. Enjoy and be on the lookout for the next top 5 post!

The first font up is Ostrich Sans by Tyler Finck (awesome portfolio website by the way, check it out He created this font for The League of Moveable Type. The free download comes with a bunch of styles and weights for your designing pleasure.

Free ostrich sans font download

DOWNLOAD Ostrich Sans type face for free.


Benthem is a font designed by Keith Hayden (follow Keith on twitter @KeithMHayden). Comes in bold and regular. Great design for headlines.

Benthem Free font download

sample B from Benthem custom font

DOWNLOAD Benthem Type Face for free.


Simple font design from Ben Suarez named after his extraordinarily cool grandfather, Vincent. Note from the author (via Intended to be used as a title font. Named after my grandfather who drove a 76′ Chrysler Cordoba and smoked out of an old wooden pipe. He was rad. I made this guy in 24 hours on a super limited type program so my apologies for the kerning issues. I’d love to see how you guys use it so please keep me posted!

Vincent free type face for download

DOWNLOAD Vincent Type Face for free.


Next up is Manteka. A very bold and clean font designed by Eduardo Araya that has grown quite popular. The post for the download on behance boasts over 40k downloads already.

Manteka free type download

DOWNLOAD Manteka Type Face for free.


Last but not least for this round is Rex from Font Fabric. Amazing for headlines with three weights included. The inline weight is particularly cool.

download rex font for free

DOWNLOAD Rex Type Face for free.