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Does finding that micro-moment feel like chasing fireflies?

Does finding that micro-moment feel like chasing fireflies? Here are 9 data points that will help you catch them.

Check out the latest SEL article written by LSA’s very own Wesley Young. The article assesses the 9 stats that will help you to improve your capture rate for clients by finding that micro-moment. Learn more by clicking on the article above.

LSA’s Affordable Custom Research Program



LSA offers high-quality 100% custom research that can address consumer behavior, SMBs and enterprises. Findings can also be translated into presentations and thought-leadership reports.

Our research, conducted with partner Thrive Analytics, is comparable to the quality of market leaders but more affordable. That’s because LSA is a not-for-profit organization.

As you consider your research budgets for 2017, let us bid on your project.

Custom Consumer & SMB Surveys
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Market & Opportunity Sizing

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Questions? Feel free to email LSA directly or email one of our sales representatives.

Local Search Business: Not Only for Locals

It’s important to remember that local search business is not only for locals. Create advertising messages for your entire audience, not just the majority of it. Learn more about including the 33% of non-locals in the article below.

Case study: 33% of local search business is from non-locals (and 7 tips for capturing that traffic)

Pokemon GO: A Great Marketing Opportunity

Pokemon GO: A Great Marketing Opportunity


Pokemon GO has become immensely popular in its first few weeks, and therefore the app has become a great marketing opportunity for businesses. Be sure to make use of our Pokemon-themed graphics (like this one) on Creative Outlet to target your desired audience!

Here are some ways you can market with the newest craze:

  • Promote your business as a designated Pokestop (if it is one)
  • Offer customers an incentive to set up a “lure” at your business (For example, give customers a discount if they set up a “lure” to attract Pokemon–and customers!)
  • Create Pokemon-themed products (For example, a restaurant might create a special “Squirtle Smoothie”)
  • Notice any rare Pokemon near your business? Let the Pokemon Trainers know so they can come to your building and catch them!
  • Use graphics that use Pokemon to increase audience interaction and interest. Creative Outlet‘s “We’ll Create It” feature allows you to get the perfect, custom-made graphic that you need to promote your business the way you want it.
  • Create interactive competitions between the 3 teams: Valor (Red), Instinct (Yellow), and Mystic (Blue)
  • Get creative! Think of how your business specifically can be beneficial to these Pokemon Trainers

With so many people playing the game, it’s a great marketing tool to use for your business. Create advertisements for all of the future Pokemon Masters!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our sales representatives at

Copy Space – Your New Favorite

Today we continue our top suggestions for getting more out of Creative Outlet with Copy Space – your new favorite keyword combination!

A section of a roof against a cloudy sky
A section of a roof against a cloudy sky

#4 – Copy Space

When you are building ads and other marketing material for your clients, we know there are many times when you will need to drop copy into the context of the image.  You can EASILY find images that have the space allocated to do this with one simple search – “Copy Space”.   How easy you ask?  How about close to 85,000 images and ideas that will give you this freedom!  Here are few examples of exactly what you can find when you search.

As always, we are here to walk you though anything you might need! or call us at 309-690-5324.

Acoustic Guitar on Wood
Acoustic Guitar on Wood






Gift for Dad
Gift for Dad




Spring Co-op Inspiration

Spring Co-op Inspiration
By Tim Brennan, MultiAd
person holding seedling, close up of hands
Ah, Spring…it’s when retailers and brands pop out of th
e winter doldrums and a new season of promotions rolls
through the marketplace. This year, despite a botched
prediction from that famous groundhog, the season is
starting a bit later than expected, so for much of the country
there’s still time to jump. And every salesperson—even the co-op
veteran who knows the magic of co-op firsthand—needs a li
ttle inspiration now and again, so here’s a few tidbits to
keep the sales rolling in!
  • Stick to the easy stuff…you’ll have far more luck with major brands.
  • Look for the big-name product lines that have fairly established programs and materials. The big manufacturers are much easier to work with since the parameters are already established for dealer promotion. Merely work with the available ads, print out the program details, and offer to help.
  • Take advantage of manufacturer promotions…special financing, gift with purchase and new product introduction offers hit the market all the time. The manufacturer is promoting these through the major networks and other national media and usually trying to “incentivize” their dealers to run local promotion as well.
  • When you’re watching TV and see a brand promotion, ask yourself if your local stores are tagging along with this and go call on them.   For example:
Carpets & Flooring –  A carpet manufacture is offering a “buy more, save more” promotion through June and also has co-promotion running with HGTV for carpet treatment.
HVAC – Is someone celebrating an anniversary with special financing and rebates for its heating and cooling systems.
Motorsports – all of the major brands are coming out hard into the
early season with special offers. Check with Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Polaris and Arctic Cat to see if they are offering special deals for new models and older inventory of motorcycles and ATVs.
Mowers – It’s that time of year & most of the brands have special financing promotions geared for the early season including Toro,
Snapper/Simplicity, Cub Cadet, Kubota, Grasshopper, Rhino, etc.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. If there’s a major manufacturer brand with your local dealer in the home improvement category there’s likely some sales incentive going on right now or starting soon. Ask them about the co-op support from the brand in helping their promotion and offer your assistance with the details.
This information is provided by Recas to he
lp take the mystery out of co-op advertising. For more information on how Recas can help expand your brand
advertising potential, please visit us!
Contact Me with any questions or to get more information on how a co-op department can increase your revenue. – TIM


Tim Brennan, Recas of VP Strategic Development  | 309-678-8745

Tim Brennan

Our Content is Flexible for Signs and Online Posts

Most of you know the flexibility that comes with using vectored artwork.  We constantly let our customers know that the content on Creative Outlet can be used in many other formats outside of tradition print-based advertising.  Our President, Jill Addy Wright, used Creative Outlet’s lawn mower graphic to create a poster promoting an upcoming fundraiser.  Remember, you have the ability to use our graphics in many ways – don’t just think of us for traditional print!  If you want to see a ton of Creative Outlet images on social media, this fundraiser used our images exclusively for their logo and on their Facebook page too.



Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 12.08.59 PM

10 Ways Co-op Makes Advertising Experts

Top10HeadingC1307_S_72_C_R10 Ways Co-op Makes Advertising Experts

  1. Co-op advertising will increase the reach and frequency of not only the brand, but also of the store’s name, thus increasing their traffic and sales overall.
  2. With the manufacturers paying for portions of advertising and promotion, this can stretch your retailers’ advertising budget.
  3. By using co-op advertising on national brand merchandise, retailers tie in with the manufacturer’s national advertising and identify their store as the national brand outlet in an area.
  4. For many advertisers, using the manufacturer-created ad materials can upgrade the look of their ads with minimal design time from your production department.
  5. Ads paid with co-op dollars can mean a new or larger volume contract with your paper, and therefore reduce the retailers’ cost per ad, making their ad budget go even further.
  6. Co-op advertised brands will help sell other products once the consumer is in the store.
  7. Supplementing retailers’ ad budgets with manufacturers’ funds will help the retailers be more competitive in the marketplace and enable them to build on the success of their advertising.
  8. Unused co-op accruals cost retailers money in potential advertising promotions that could lead to more sales and further purchases from manufacturers.
  9. If retailers don’t use it, they lose it—and so does your paper. Not to mention a competing media outlet could sell against you using the very same co-op funds if you don’t get there first.
  10. Co-op accruals are the retailers’ money, money actually paid by the retailer when they purchased the products for resale. They will appreciate your help in using what they have coming to them.
If you’re looking for information or ideas to start your co-op initiative, contact us today at  Trust us, wee know we can find more than just 10 Ways Co-op Makes Advertising Experts. Why stop at ten?

Tim BrennanTim Brennan