Recas Holiday Survival Kit

 Recas Holiday Survival Kit

November and December are crunch time for a lot of retails as well as their manufacturer partners. The vast majority of co-op programs expire at the end of the year, so co-op reports tend to reflect wrap-up usage for available funding in addition to standard holiday advertising spend.

Recas aggregates co-op claim numbers from media companies nationwide and their advertising totals among local businesses with their co-op partners. Using this data the service looks to highlight the categories and brands that made the most impact in their local dealer advertising. Obviously automotive brand advertising would rank very high on any co-op usage report, but for purposes of this report we’ll exclude that to look at the other top categories and brands.

In November there are still a couple weeks of solid home improvement numbers as those industries close up their pre-winter business and hunker down for the holiday season. Expectations in businesses that sell paint, windows, cabinets, and other extensive home remodeling products are thin on sale messaging as you move from late November through the end of the year, but co-op monies can provide solid branding during this time that consumers are much more “ad aware.” Of course HVAC operations should be in high gear by this time with ongoing schedules related to the brands involved, simply to build awareness with potential customers reacting to equipment failure.


As we move into December, the categories start to show a little more relation to the gift-giving season with the types of local accounts that would garner co-op support. Obvious categories missing here would be those like Toys or Electronics where big box category killers and the Walmarts of the world have eliminated local accounts that would rely on media co-op support functions.

Obviously those categories represent a broad look at business types in your market that have potential with co-op advertising support from their manufacturer partners. Once you get into some of the specific brands involved, this presents a clearer picture on targeting for particular promotional opportunities. Following are some of the top brands with activity for November and December 2011. These brands all represent ample opportunity for targeting local dealers in your market with brand marketing support programs that provide solid potential for local promotion. These listed brands would represent the largest co-op dollars claimed by co-op program and the number of claimed ad schedules for the month.

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With all co-op programs from the manufacturer there are a certain level of dealers who “get it” and then another level who really need to be helped through the process. Those latter dealers need a degree of assistance at every stage of the co-op process from showing them what and how to run this advertising through your stable of media products through to what and how to claim back their reimbursement under the manufacturer’s co-op plan guidelines.

It’s those that provide the best solutions for the materials at hand that win with the local dealer base. And you’ll find examples of these dealers in each of the categories and brands noted.

Tim Brennan, VP of Strategic Development for Recas
Tim Brennan, VP of Strategic Development for Recas

This information is provided by LSA Recas to help take the mystery out of co-op advertising. For more information on how Recas can help expand your brand advertising potential, please visit Email Tim at 

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