How to Engage Viewers on Social Media

How can businesses engage viewers on social media? That’s the golden question most of us often wonder about social media. There are countless articles about how to be more engaging on social media but we’ve narrowed it down to a few main points. The overarching theme is emotion. So make it personal! Here are some ways to appeal to social media users:

1. Tell a Good Story

Tell a story that leads to a long-term relationship with your clients and customers. Don’t just focus on selling your product or service. You’ll want to draw readers in with personal stories that they can relate to, but leave them short enough that you’ll keep their interest. When thinking of stories to share, try to pull from life experiences. People want to know they’re dealing with other people and not just a logo. They’ll know when you’re being genuine and will appreciate it.


2. Offer a Newsletter Subscription

If customers subscribe to your email newsletter, it’s safe to assume that they trust you enough to give you their email address. Email newsletters are a great opportunity to tell stories that can tie to what you’re selling. Try to include personal photos related to the content of the newsletter. Readers will also enjoy short stories and personal messages that they can get value from. For example, publishing an article about an employee that describes a victory or an obstacle they’ve overcome. Readers can also gain value from how-to articles or industry research. The business that connects with their readers on a personal level and consistently provides valuable content will more likely engage viewers on social media.

3. Visual Content

Using the right images in your social media and email newsletters  is an important part of how people perceive your personal brand. These images should align with your online personality.  Graphic designs, infographics and slideshows are all play a part in your online personality. 

The  Social Media Examiner shares which brands are great story-tellers and expands on how you can reach an emotional connection with your customers.

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