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Sales Leads Delivered to Your Inbox

Sales LScreen Shot 2016-02-24 at 2.56.23 PMeads Delivered to Your Inbox

Sales Leads Delivered?  Did you know Recas subscribers get Sales Lead e-mails sent directly to their Inbox? It is a great first step in building new co-op sales as well as a reminder to follow up with timely products. Whether you are just getting started or have been using co-op for years, you want to get this e-mail!

What’s in the e-mail?  

Link to manufacturer Web site

Link to co-op plan information

Link to related manufacturer ad materials in the Recas Ad Material Warehouse

Link to dealers in your area


What should I do upon receiving the email?

  1. Click on the dealer locator link for a list of local dealer(s).
  2. Research accruals–click on the co-op plan link to find the Accrual Contact. Contact the person listed to find out how much money the local dealer(s) has accrued.
  3. Click on the Ad Material link to find artwork and create a spec ad for the proposal.
  4. Click on co-op plan link in the lead to link to our Proposal Generator to create a professional proposal (subscription required) or create a proposal using software of your choice. When presenting your advertising proposal to the local dealer, be sure to include the following:
    • The co-op plan from the manufacturer to show that they will pay a portion of the ad (use co-op plan link).
    • The proposed ad with both product and dealer information (use the related manufacturer ad materials link).
    • The schedule that will give them the best bang for their buck in the paper.
    • Information explaining how your paper will help them manage the co-op process including ad verification, placement and co-op invoicing for reimbursement.
  5. Set up an appointment with the local dealer.

There’s always another way.

If your local dealer(s) does not have any money accrued through the formal co-op plan, contact the manufacturer’s sales rep for your area to see if something else can be arranged. Remember, this is a commissioned salesperson who wants to sell more products. If they see a true opportunity, they will find a way to work with you. First though, they have to be sold on your company’s reach in the market and the ability of your proposed advertising campaign to show results.

We have plenty of people here to help you get through the stumbling blocks you might have so be sure to contact us at support@recas.com if you have any questions.  Find out more about the sales leads we provide and how they can make you money at www.recas.com.


Tim BrennanTim Brennan

10 Ways Co-op Makes Advertising Experts

Top10HeadingC1307_S_72_C_R10 Ways Co-op Makes Advertising Experts

  1. Co-op advertising will increase the reach and frequency of not only the brand, but also of the store’s name, thus increasing their traffic and sales overall.
  2. With the manufacturers paying for portions of advertising and promotion, this can stretch your retailers’ advertising budget.
  3. By using co-op advertising on national brand merchandise, retailers tie in with the manufacturer’s national advertising and identify their store as the national brand outlet in an area.
  4. For many advertisers, using the manufacturer-created ad materials can upgrade the look of their ads with minimal design time from your production department.
  5. Ads paid with co-op dollars can mean a new or larger volume contract with your paper, and therefore reduce the retailers’ cost per ad, making their ad budget go even further.
  6. Co-op advertised brands will help sell other products once the consumer is in the store.
  7. Supplementing retailers’ ad budgets with manufacturers’ funds will help the retailers be more competitive in the marketplace and enable them to build on the success of their advertising.
  8. Unused co-op accruals cost retailers money in potential advertising promotions that could lead to more sales and further purchases from manufacturers.
  9. If retailers don’t use it, they lose it—and so does your paper. Not to mention a competing media outlet could sell against you using the very same co-op funds if you don’t get there first.
  10. Co-op accruals are the retailers’ money, money actually paid by the retailer when they purchased the products for resale. They will appreciate your help in using what they have coming to them.
If you’re looking for information or ideas to start your co-op initiative, contact us today at sales@recas.com.  Trust us, wee know we can find more than just 10 Ways Co-op Makes Advertising Experts. Why stop at ten?  www.recas.com

Tim BrennanTim Brennan

What’s a few BILLION dollars, right?

What’s a few billion dollars, right?

Right now is a time when there are a couple high-profile reports on co-op advertising usage. One came out last year from Borrell Associates with a focus on the changing face of co-op programs with the inclusion of digital spending options. In the study of 3,741 SMBs, they found broad adoption of digital platforms although complications with many programs showed fairly slow dealer progress with their brand partners in co-op support. Borrell also compared business co-op spending versus a similar study they did in 2012 and released the overall media detail report.



Why would you say newspaper spending is down? Could it be your sales reps don’t know co-op well? Maybe your dealers don’t know it very well? Maybe you don’t know it very well? And 9% in 3 years…wow.

Tallying total available co-op at $36 Billion, Borrell goes on to estimate unused co-op at $14 Billion…both figures I would argue are underestimated. Co-op budgets are small percentages of wholesale purchases across a vast array of business categories and brands and often lost by accounts in the shuffle of day-to-day priorities. I’ve seen estimates that range much higher on both scores with guesses as high as 48% of total co-op going unused. Of course it’s all mostly speculation since it would be near impossible to gather anything close to a real number. Let’s all just agree that it’s a lot.

The real question comes down to why. Here are the responses the dealers gave:


It’s always been part of the media sales gig to help walk local advertisers through the process involved. Their main concern is making the cash register ring and they spend very little time overall with marketing since they’re the ones answering the phones, sweeping the floors, ordering inventory, helping customers, etc. Most brand dealers know they have co-op, but may be a little muddy on the details and how to make it pay for itself.

There’s another study from the folks at Brandmuscle who last month released their 2016 State of Local Marketing report. It gets a little more granular on the detail but boils down to the same thing. Your local advertisers need help with this stuff. And if you won’t, who will?

Feel free to reach out to me directly and I’d be happy to send along copies of these reports. I could give you some specifics on who, what, where, and how we could help in your market…just say when. What’s a few billion dollars, right?

Tim Brennan, VP of Strategic Sales for Recas