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Puzzles & Games

Puzzles & Games are the PERFECT supplement to your Creative Outlet subscription!   That’s right, it’s a part of what you are already getting… and who doesn’t love FREE?  We have weekly crossword puzzles, horoscopes, word searches, crypto quiz, Guess Who and a monthly Kid’s Page.
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#6 Puzzles, Games & More

Puzzles – Each crossword puzzle is available for weekly publication or you can save them up and publish a great revenue-generating section like our customer in Indiana did.  Tag a sponsor per page and you not only have a section that will draw in advertisers & readers alike – you have created something with a nice, long shelf-life!  All of our puzzles come zipped with both the questions and the answer file!Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 4.31.40 PM

Kid’s Page – each monthly our kids’s page, Kid’s Korner, comes as a broadsheet full page AND pulled apart so each component can run on its own!  So tie this into your Newspaper In Education initiative and gather sponsors – they will love it!


Sudoku – we offer you the tool to make your own puzzles, so take advantage of this popular puzzle’s appeal as often as your market will allow!


Why pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year?  We know your needs and have made sure we can get you EVERYTHING you need as a part of your subscription!  Now you know!