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How to Sell Ice Cream in the Winter

It’s probably no surprise that ice cream shops tend to see a slowing of business once the temperatures drop. Unless you’re a die-hard ice cream fan, most would rather put off leaving their warm homes to indulge in a frozen treat. Some shops close during the colder months to avoid the inevitable slowing of their business. However, shops that brave the cold can use some innovative tactics to profit during the time of year when their frozen treats are less desirable. Ice cream shops can still hit the sweet spot during the winter months by using these advertising ideas…


Advertise hot drinks.  

If customers are too cold for ice cream, provide them with some warmer options. A coffee and/or hot cocoa advertisement could be very enticing to locals. Businesses might offer a hot drink special that includes forms of tea and apple cider. Chances are, many ice cream shop customers have children who aren’t deterred from ice cream at any time of the year! So expand some options for the adult customers who might not be craving ice cream. Ice cream shops might also consider teaming up with a local bakery to offer baked goods. The winter months are also a great time to advertise low-fat treats for those trying to stick to their New Years resolutions.

Feature complementary desserts like warm pie.

Businesses can offer specials on hot desserts that can be baked at home and paired with their favorite ice cream. They also might sell tubs of the highest selling flavors like Coldstone Creamery. Shops should consider announcing a winter seasonal flavor that is unique to their brand. Possible winter flavors might include peppermint or cinnamon.

Get creative with your sales tactics.

In the summer, not much effort is needed to bring in customers looking for ways to cool off, but winter is a different ball game. Literally. When Super Bowl nears, ice cream shops could consider giving discounts to customers who come in wearing the jersey of their favorite football team. They can also give out rewards cards to encourage more visits. Josh & John’s shop in Colorado Springs uses punch rewards for customers who are willing to brave the cold.

Image: Freakonomics.com

Rev it up on social media.

A gelato shop in the Chicago suburbs, 4 Penguins, keeps the customers up-to-date all year round by posting photos of their “flavor of the day” on Facebook. Since more people will be staying indoors due to the weather, businesses should utilize social media even more than normal. They can give deals to those who like their business’ Facebook page, such as 15% off each scoop of ice cream to Facebook friends. The more delicious photos used on social media and in advertisements, the better! Just looking at a delicious picture of ice cream could be enough to give somebody those must-have cravings.

Summer may be the ideal time to sell ice cream, but that doesn’t mean that revenue has to come to a standstill during the colder months. Ice cream shops can still thrive by combining a few creative tactics to advertise and get people in the door.

Have you seen any clever ice cream specials? If so, tell us about it by leaving a comment!