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#TipTuesdays: Logos & Trademarks

If you’re working with a larger corporation or organization, LSA Creative Outlet’s Logos & Trademarks section could be perfect for your advertisements and marketing materials.

#28 Logos & Trademarks

This section of  Creative Outlet is incredibly helpful for businesses who are involved in co-op programs with well-known corporations and organizations. When creating your marketing materials, you can use the appropriate logo or trademark to show your customers your partnership with the company.

paintrollerc1508_x_th_cFor example, if you own a local paint store and want to promote your partnership with Benjamin Moore, simply search for the Benjamin Moore logo on Creative Outlet and use it in your advertisements!

There is a wide variety of companies and organizations to choose from: The Bears, Disney, Clemson University, Apple, and many more!

To find the images you need, head over to CreativeOutlet.com, and under “Products” click on “Logos & Trademarks.” From there you can see the variety of products there with the corresponding specialty categories: choose from military, numbers, recycle, schools, sports, and state seals. Or simply search for the logo you need in the search box!

If you have any questions on Logos & Trademarks, how to use them, or the Creative Outlet website, feel free to contact a sales representative at support@creativeoutlet.com for help.