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How to Market to Moms

Women make up 85% of all household purchases, and advertisers know it. Mothers often hold all of the money-wielding power in the family and are in charge of the purchasing decisions of not only themselves, but their children. However, 65% of moms don’t think that they are advertised to often, with many mom-targeted ads not resonating or sending the right message. This could be because the modern mom is a lot more dynamic, and wants to see more than mom-targeted soap and detergent advertisements. Remembering these ideas for marketing to mothers can help relay the right message.


Be quick about it.

Moms are busy women, so be sure to respect their time by sending them messages quickly, without beating around the bush. Opt for 30 second ad spots instead of 60 second ones that they are likely to turn off. Get the ad message across early and in the most efficient way possible. A mother’s time is important, show them that your message is worth their time.

Stereotyping is a dead-end road.

Do not pigeonhole. You’re probably familiar with the very cliche image of a frazzled, overworked mom cooking dinner with one arm, rocking her crying baby in the other, or doing all of the housework with her other 6 retractable appendages. Although that image may be relatable for many moms, it’s a representation that has been far overused. Marketers don’t often recognize the diversity of mothers, and that’s where their message gets lost. Try not to approach your mom-targeting at a specific angle. Remember that all moms are unique!

Reach them through the digital world.

Moms everywhere are embracing the technology age, so don’t forget to utilize this medium. Today, 70% of mothers own smartphones, and many own their own laptop or tablet. Moms actually spend more time online than in front of a television. Some spend their internet time looking through mom blogs or forums. Mothers are even more likely to talk about a good product or service online. In addition, make sure that your business has a website. Moms would rather have a quick and easy shopping experience than have to spend their time going to the store.

Modern Moms are group thinkers.

Moms are more likely to buy products based off of recommendations from people they trust, and they are even more likely to do so when it comes to products for their children. The trick to establishing a mom-approved product is to find their key influencers. These can be through the aforementioned “Mommy” blogs and forums, or even through community influencers like PTA members.

Taking a unique approach when targeting mothers can be a challenge, but if done incorrectly, your message can be misdirected from one of the biggest buyers in the market.  Be sure to think outside of the “frazzled stay-at-home-mom” theme that many advertisers take. All moms are different, so your mom-targeted ads should be too!

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