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Best Practice No. 9: Contests and Promotions

Best Practice No. 9: Contests and Promotions

awardribbonc1408_x_th_cContests can work to drive short-term boosts in co-op sales. However, they are by their nature not sustainable, so they should be seen as a supplement to more fundamental, long-term changes like integrating co-op into the sales process. Simple things like a party for the local office or media property that generates the most intake forms or inquiries can amp up short term performance.

iconThis article was written by Charles Laughlin of the Local Search Association in Breaking Through the Co-op Clutter: Best Practices for Improved Co-op Advertising Sales. For more information on how Recas can help expand your brand advertising potential, please visit www.recas.com.


How to Market on Pinterest


Many online stores have turned their product categories into boards on Pinterest, and some are generating up to 10% of their sales from user clicks! So how can you start marketing on Pinterest?

When your business first creates its Pinterest account, make sure the account is set up properly and is branded with your company’s logo. You will need to create boards that are specific to your customers and contain content designed for your target market. These boards should be linked to other social media outlets that you have, such as Facebook and Twitter. This way your account isn’t limited to only Pinterest followers.

The strategy for Pinterest is to Pin, Repin and Follow. You do not want to just post your images, you should also share others’ content. They may even share your content in return! Just like other social media accounts, you need to interact with your audiences. This includes commenting on images and boards, liking other pins, and tagging other user by name. For example, try to comment back with a “Thanks for sharing our pin!” if you get repinned.

Another concept to remember is to remain connected and up-to-date. Google and other search engines notice newer content and content that has created a lot of social traffic. This is why it is important to pin often from many different sources, including your own website. Any pin you create should have a link back to your business’s website and other social media profiles. This is how to create an online network! However, be careful not to promote yourself too much. You do not want to be the site that only talks about themselves. Pinterest can drive a lot of traffic to your website if you do this correctly and often using current content.

One idea that is starting to take off on Pinterest is creating a board that specifically talks about the company. Instead of Facebook where one has an “About Me” section, this board serves as a substitute way for people to learn what your business is all about and then explore further from there. Many companies are also beginning to offer exclusive Pinterest promotions. By creating pins that give special promotions for Pinterest followers, your Pinterest audience gets to feel as if they are special and unique from customers on your other sites.

When you begin to feel like you are learning the ins-and-outs of Pinterest, or at least have a decent amount of followers on your boards, you can have larger promotions. Businesses are starting to create Pinterest contests, which encourages their followers to take certain actions, like pinning links and images from the business’s site that inspire, motivate, move, or entertain them. Not only does this encourage responses from a company’s audience, but it also spreads the word among followers of the people who do participate in the contests.

Also, B2B’s can create boards specifically for one client. It’s almost like organizing your clients online! It also helps to promote the client as an added bonus.

Of course, the last thing to remember is to monitor and measure your Pinterest traffic to find out what works and what doesn’t. Check what types of pins are being liked or repinned, and who follows what. Remember to also check on your competition to find out new ways that may work for you.