#TipTuesdays: View-Related Feature

Creative Outlet has thousands of photos and graphics to choose from when creating your advertisements. There are also pre-made advertisements that you can simply change the words to fit your organization. Sometimes though, you see an advertisement and either want a different version or the images that are used within the graphic. The “view-related” feature is exactly how to do that!

#30 View-Related Feature

When viewing a graphic on Creative Outlet, you can click a button at the top of the graphic that says “view related.” (The only graphics that will have this are ones that have utilized other Creative Outlet graphics to create the piece as a whole.) An example of this can be seen in the photo below:


Clicking this will then bring you to a page that lists all of the photos and graphics used in the ad as well as any other forms of the same ad as seen below .  From there, you can pick and choose any of the graphics, ads, or photos to use in your promotions.


If you have any questions on the “view-related” feature, how to use it, or the Creative Outlet website, feel free to contact a sales representative at support@creativeoutlet.com for help.

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