#TipTuesdays: Food Images

Everyone loves food. Using food images in your advertising can be a great way to capture your audience’s attention. However, it’s imperative that you use photography that is virtually flawless, as people don’t want to look at food that looks unappetizing.

#25 Food Images

Creative Outlet has thousands of food photos on its site. These beautiful photographs can be greatly beneficial to your advertisements.TitleIt’s important to understand that people are more likely to respond positively to a food-based ad if the food appears appetizing and aesthetically pleasing.

The Food Images section can be found on CreativeOutlet.com under the “Products” tab. The photos are categorized by type (e.g. salads, soups, cookies) and also by ethnic influence (e.g. Italian, Asian, Mexican).

If you have any questions on the food photos, how to use them, or the Creative Outlet website, feel free to contact a sales representative at support@creativeoutlet.com for help.

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