#TipTuesdays: New Content

LSA Creative Outlet is constantly creating new products for our clients to use. The New Content section on the site is perfect for showcasing these newest graphics.

#21 New Content

The New Content section can be found on the homepage of CreativeOutlet.com. Locate the sidebar on the right of the page, and there you can click on any of the categories to see the new graphics and products for that section.

This section includes general content that can be used all year as well as graphics that are specific to the month under which they are categorized. The December section has both food graphics and graphics related to the winter holidays.

Gnocchi with asparagus and olive salad in Pesto dressing.

Family having snowball fight outdoors

We know how important it is to plan ahead, and LSA Creative Outlet is here to help with that. LSA also allows you to see new content related to the next two months. For example, now you can see new products for December, January, and February.

If you have any questions, how to use them, or the Creative Outlet website, feel free to contact a sales representative at support@creativeoutlet.com for help

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