#TipTuesdays: Spanish Headings

LSA understands that there are more and more Americans who do not speak English. Creative Outlet has the answer to your advertising problems with Spanish headings to target those audience members.

#23 Spanish Headings

Creative Outlet has a wide assortment of headings that have been translated into Spanish so your products and advertisements can appeal to a broader range of audience members.

All of the headings are based off of our English headings, so you do not have to change the look or style of your advertisements when translating them into Spanish: you can have English and Spanish advertisements that look virtually identical.

Especial de la semana/Special of the Week

All Spanish headings can be found under the Ad-Builder product line, and are included with the Ad-Builder subscription. Each graphic is available in color or in black-and-white.

If you have any questions on Spanish Headings, how to use them, or the Creative Outlet website, feel free to contact a sales representative at support@creativeoutlet.com for help.

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